Gun's Guidance Notes


1. Briefing

  • A general briefing will be given prior to the commencement of the Shoot.  Such briefings will include details of intended quarry species; dealing with quarry; relevant lead shot regulations; environmental issues and general safety matters.  It is essential that attention is paid to the briefing and directions of the Supervising Personnel of the Shoot.  The briefing is supplemental to these instructions and both must be complied with.  If you are uncertain about any part of the briefing or these instructions, you should ask for clarification.  During the course of the day you should at all times obey any instructions given by the Supervising Personnel.


2. Clothing, Safety Wear & Personal Medication

  • Be prepared for all weather conditions, dress in sombre colours with layers of warm clothing.  Always take a waterproof coat, hat and leggings and wear stout waterproof boots.
  • Safety glasses and ear protection should always be worn during drives. The Shoot does not provide personal protection equipment.
  • If you are on medication make sure you bring this with you.  Asthma sufferers should make a particular note of this. If you allergic to bee or wasp stings, remember to take your antihistamine medication with you.


3. Shot & Guns

  • In order to avoid lead shot contamination of wetlands non-toxic shot should be used over such areas and on ducks or wildfowl.
  • All cartridge cases and other litter must be removed at the end of a drive.
  • Spent shot must not be allowed to fall on public places or property and avoid birds falling on to public places or neighbouring property.
  • You must ensure you are equipped with a shotgun and suitable ammunition for the day.  You must ensure that your gun is safe and well maintained.
  • Always check that barrels are fee of obstructions before loading your weapon.  In the event of a misfire or other weapon malfunction, unload the gun with the barrels pointing away from others.
  • Guns should always be unloaded at the end of the drive and put away in slips before you retrieve game.  Unslipped guns left on the ground, can be trodden on by people and dogs or run over by vehicles.
  • Guns must remain in slips between drives and never used to dispatch wounded game.
  • Guns and ammunition must not be left unattended at any time.
  • Do not shoot over public roads (including footpaths and bridleways) under any circumstances.
  • When crossing a public highway ensure that the gun is kept in its sleeve at all times.
  • When crossing bridges or ditches, guns must always be in the broken position this also applies when climbing stiles, wire and hedges.
  • When waiting for the game to come during a drive make sure your gun is either broken, or if not, that it is pointed vertically upwards.
  • If using double guns always have a practise "change" with your loader before the drive starts. Your second gun will always be passed to you with the safety catch in the safe position. Remember to return the safety catch to safe yourself when passing an empty weapon or one with one barrel fired back to your loader.
  • Barrels will get hot so either wear leather gloves or use a barrel guard to protect your hands.  Woollen gloves do not have sufficient grip and 'barrels may slip through the wool particularly in wet weather.
  • If there is snow on the ground take care not to plug your barrels with snow. If a thunderstorm develops, guns should be put away as their barrels can act as a conduit for lightning.
  • Guns must comply with the relevant firearms law and, where necessary, be in possession of the relevant certificates. You must bring your certificates with you when you are shooting with us.


4. Transport & Movement

  • Care should be taken when alighting the Gun Trailer.  Do not stand up when the vehicle is moving.  You must ensure you are safely seated and do not endanger the safety ofother passengers or distract the driver.  When unloading from the vehicle ensure you have the correct gun and ammunition.
  • If you are using your own vehicle, you must follow the Gun Trailer at all times and do not drive on the grass margins.


5. Shooting Safely

  •  Shooting is a dangerous sport and should not be undertaken by inexperienced sportsmen unless a suitably experienced person supervises them.  You must be competent at estimating ranges and be aware of your and your equipment's limitations.  If you are inexperienced, you must make this known to the Supervising Personnel before shooting starts.
  • If you are ill, under mental stress or incapable of giving your complete attention to the sport you are more likely to make an ill-conceived and dangerous shot.  Do not shoot in these circumstances.
  • On arrival at your peg always delineate the arc of fire and do not swing through the line of guns, particularly during partridge shooting. Make sure you note the location of roads, footpaths and bridleways before the drive starts and if you see a member of the public or pet approaching during the drive you should tell the Supervising Personnel, warn your neighbours, cease firing and break and unload your gun.
  • Be aware that the noise of discharge from guns may startle and cause horses to bolt.  You should cease firing, tell the Supervising Personnel and warn your neighbours if you note any horses or riders in the vicinity.
  • In some peg positions you may not be in a straight line or in view of your neighbours.  Make sure you are aware of your position before the drive is started.
  • Check the position of your peg as it may be slightly out of line with the others and an allowance will need to be made for this when shooting.  If your neighbours are higher or lower than you, remember this before shooting at a high bird crossing the line, which would normally be a safe.
  • Upon arrival at the peg ensure that you are aware of the direction of the beaters and any flankers.  Ascertain the position of any pickers up that may be positioned behind the line of Guns.  You must not shoot in the direction of beaters, flankers or pickers up.  If any beaters, flankers or pickers up are closer than 80 metres from the Guns when shooting, you must cease shooting and immediately report this to the Supervising Personnel.
  • Under no circumstances should you shoot at any low level birds or ground game.
  • Ensure that there are no items or obstacles on the ground near you that you could trip over and make sure your dog (if you have one) is pegged away from your feet.  Any shooting companion should also sit out of the way preferably on the ground or on a low shooting seat behind you and never outside the line of pegs.
  • Do not shoot directly at trees or other such obstacles, as there is a risk of ricochet.
  • If you have reasonable grounds for considering that a guest is shooting in a dangerous or reckless manner it is your duty to inform the Supervising Personnel of your concerns immediately.  Appropriate measures will be taken to either warn the guest or request that they leave the shoot immediately.
  • Guns are live on the peg.  When the drive is finished, the Keeper will give a single blast of the horn to announce no more shooting, this must be strictly observed. Not having heard the horn is no excuse for a dangerous shot.
  • Alcohol in limited quantities may be available.  Any consumed will impair your judgement and this will detract from your and everybody else's enjoyment of the sport.  You must not participate in any part of the Shoot if you are incapacitated by drink or drugs.
  • If saboteurs disrupt a day's shooting, firearms should be unloaded and placed back in their slips. Guns should not get into conversation with the saboteurs but should congregate around one peg - usually at the centre of the line, whilst police take the appropriate action.








Cancellation Policy


Full payments must be paid to Quidenham Game Shooting on or before 31st August 2015, unless agreed otherwise in writing. If the full payment is not received on or before the said date then the right is reserved to cancel the day booked and retain your deposit.


If you need to cancel your booking, please notify us as soon as possible (preferably by telephone). On notification of a cancellation, we will try to re-sell your peg/day. Your deposit plus any further payment made will only be refunded if we are able to find an alternative purchaser for the day. If we do sell your peg/day, a £45 + VAT administration fee per gun will be deducted from your deposit before it is returned to you. The more notice we have of a cancellation, the greater the chance your peg/day can be re-sold so you are urged to give us as much notice as you are able. There will be no refunds for any cancellations received within 72 hours of the agreed booking.


If you fail to attend the Shoot Day for any reason without notice and/or your peg/day cannot be re-sold, you will be liable for the full cost of your peg/day including VAT (less any payment paid), which must be paid within seven days of being notified of the amount due. No deductions will be made if you are late arriving and therefore miss any drives. Quidenham Game Shooting reserve the right to cancel any day’s shooting for any reason by giving not less than seven days prior notice. In the event of such cancellation, all deposits paid will be refunded but Quidenham Game Shooting will not be liable for any other direct or indirect losses suffered by the Guns or booking party for such cancellation.


If a day’s shooting is abandoned after it has started due to adverse weather conditions there will be no refund. Customers are advised to take out cancellation insurance.


Quidenham Game Shooting shall have the right to ask any gun to leave the shooting field if shooting in a dangerous fashion, unsporting behavior or shooting any illegal quarry. No refund will be given in such a case and the gun may also be banned from any future shooting and any payment made for future dates would be forfeited unless they cannot be resold less 25%.





Version 1, June 2015